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Collaborate in your code -

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how it works

Code level collaboration —
within the code

Ship code faster with less bugs by easily getting your team’s feedback as you work in your IDE. It’s like bringing magic of Google Docs and Slack into your IDE (without the noise)!.

Now you can seamlessly collaborate, quickly solve problems, and get questions answered.

IDE Extensions for




Visual Studio Code



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Have discussions from within your IDE

You never have to leave your project, download a new branch or project, and best of all you get all the benefits of being in your IDE.


Quickly get feedback related to your code

Without committing or pushing to git, have a code discussion. It's as fast as going back and forth on chat, while being anchored to your code.

Keep updated

Know what’s going on

Build your team’s knowledge base and context by seeing previous discussions right next to your code -- so you know why a decision was made 6 months ago, or 2 years ago!