How dev work really gets done

Collaborate in your code —
anywhere, anytime


Code level collaboration —
within the code

Rich text real-time threaded commenting right from your IDE or Github lets you seamlessly collaborate, quickly solve problems, and get questions answered.

Comment with the code right in front of you, no more back and forth with email and Slack.

Improve collaboration

Share communications in real-time and get everyone on the same page.

Get the latest updates

Build your team’s hub. Pin working files for easy access, add comments for context.

Shrink the time-to-value

Get important feedback and iterate early on. No more “uh-ohs!” during code review.

IDE Extensions for JetBrains JetBrains
Coming soon:

Bito Integrate


Works with the tools
and processes you
already have

Bi-directional communication with Jira, Slack, and
other key tools.

Bito Collaborate


Seamlessly talk and co-edit when you just need more help

Quickly connect and type on your co-worker’s screen right in their IDE.

Start your ideal workflow today